Albini, Franco (1905-1977)

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Franco Albini, Italian architect, urbanist and designer, was born in Robbiate in 1905 and died in Milan in 1977. He often worked in collaboration with F.Helg. Amog his projects should be mentioned the reconstruction of Musei di Palazzo Bianco (Genoa, 1951), VI Triennale (Milan 1936), palaces of Rinascente (Rome, 1957). Albini was always attentive to the sense of local traditions and character of the architectural environment in which he had to work, using the appropriate materials or technology. He was a co-director together with C.Palanti of "Casabella-Costruzioni" in 1945-1946 and conducted important activity as a designer. As an urbanist he collaborated on the project of "Milano-Verde" (Milan-Green) in 1938 and on a regular plan of Reggio Emilia in 1947-1948.

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