Algardi, Alessandro (1595-1654)

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Alessandro Algardi, Italian sculptor, was born in Bologna in 1595 and died in Rome in 1654. The influence on his future artistic style was received in the years when he was a student of Ludovico Carracci, and in 1622 of Conzaga in Mantova. In 1625 cardinal Ludovisi called him in Rome to conduct restoration activity and work with the ancient marbles. Algardi created such sculptures as San Giovanni Evangelista and Maddalena for the church of San Silvestro in Rome (1628-1629); San Filippo e l'Angelo for the church of Santa Maria in Vallicella (1640); Decollazione di San Paolo for the church in Bologna of San Paolo Maggiore (1641-1647); monumental works entrusted to him by pope Innocent X Pamphili: Monumento a Leone XI (1634-1652), Incontro di Attila e Leone Magno (1646-1653) both in St Peter's in Rome, and bronze statue of Innocent X for the Palazzo dei Conservatori (1650). He participated in decoration works of Villa Pamphili. Should be also noticed psychologically and physically perfect busts of Laudivio Zacchia (Berlin, Staatl.Mus.), Garzia Melini (Rome, Santa Maria del Popolo), Olimpia Pamphili (Rome, Gall.Doria Pamphili).

Already during his life he was considered as a champion in classic "decor" of 17th century sculpture, so he had numerous students and imitators, who brought to a great success in 17-18th centuries the artistic style created by Algardi.

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