Alpheus Club - Live Music & Discoteque In Rome

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Alpheus Club - Live Music & Discoteque In Rome, Italy

Four large halls for live music and dancing (Mississipi, Momotombo, Red River and Kiang), a small piazza with a bar, a room to "chill" with billiard tables, video-games, comfy couches and a garden that stays open in the winter too. The Alpheus is a club you simply can't get bored in!

Magic Live Contest
A free music contest open to bands, groups and solo artists of every genre
Great black music night

Saturday afternoons
Magic Young Party
For young people under 18

Saturday nights
La Festa di Magic TV
Hosted by the VJs from the music TV channel
Commercial, black, hip hop, 70s and 80s music, karaoke and group dancing

Argentinian tango and salsa

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
Live music
Book presentations, films and theatrical performances

10pm-4am. Closed Mon. Admittance price may vary

Alpheus Via del Commercio
Viale del Commercio, 36 (Ostiense)
tel.: +39 06 57 47 826 +39 06 57 47 826
fax: +39 06 57 47 827

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