Anguillara Tower (Torre degli Anguillara) - House of Dante (Casa di Dante)

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For a long period of time Trastevere as well as other districts of Rome was a part of the city controlled to one or more noble families, among them was the Anguillara family which dominated here till the 15th century. The tower belonged to them till 1538 when became a property of Anguillara's vassals the family of Carbognano. The latter made the tower lose its noble aspect and turned it to the stable, slaughter-house and cellar, so that the inhabitants of Trastevere called it "palazzaccio" (ugly, bad, horrible palace). In Piazza Sonnino you'll find this Torre degli Anguillara, better known as the house of Dante.

Anguillara Tower (Torre degli Anguillara), Piazza Sidney Sonnino, 5, Trastevere Anguillara Tower (Torre degli Anguillara) turned into - House of Dante (Casa di Dante) Library
The next owners of this construction were the Forti, a middle-class family from Trastevere, who established here a factory producing enamels and colored glass. However, the most interesting tenant the tower ever had was poet Dante Aligheri, who lived here for about one year. The Torre degli Anguillara can be seen on top of the Palazzo degli Anguillara in the Piazza Sonnino in the quarter of Trastevere in Rome.

The part on the side of the river is the oldest part of the building. It stems from the q3th century and can be recognized by its portico with leaf-shaped capitals. The fortress, consisting of a crenellated wall which strengthened by the tower, enclosed a dwellings and stables dates from the 13th Century. Nearby is the church of San Crisogno, one of Trastevere's great medieval basilicas, with its imposing 5-storey bell tower.

In 1887 it was expropriated by a Commune of Rome, restored and turned into the House of Dante (Casa di Dante), where readings from the Divina Commedia have been given by leading Italian men of letters since 1914. The library has the best collection in Italy of works relating to the poet.

The institution - House of Dante (Casa di Dante) was founded in 1913 as "Lectura Dantis", its current name was given to it the next year. It has its seat in the palazzetto leaning to the Tower of the Anguillara (12th century). In 1921 it houses a library specialized in Dante studies, thanks to donations and purchases it conserves almost all the editions of the Divine Comedy and acquired the Palazzo degli Anguillari. Every year it publishes the "Repertorio Bigliografico Dantesco". Here you will find - Bibliographic Research, Library, Reading Room.

Anguillara Tower (Torre degli Anguillara) - House of Dante (Casa di Dante)
Piazza Sidney Sonnino, 5, Trastevere
00153, Rome, Lazio, Italy
Zone: Rione Trastevere (Gianicolo) (Roma centro)
Anguillara Tower (Torre degli Anguillara) - House of Dante (Casa di Dante) is Shown By "Map J Zone" As "18"
Bus: Catch Bus nr: H, 23,271,280 to stop in the nearby piazza Gioacchino Belli. Furthermore, the electric streetcar (Tram) n. 8 (Closest), 23, 125, 280, 780 provides quick access to Largo Argentina and, from there, to any other part of Rome's historic centre.
Nearest Subway/Train Station (Less than 1 km away): Trastevere
Hours: Closed for inventory. Every Sunday at 11am it is possible to join readings of the Divine Comedy.
Telephone: 0039 06 5812019
Web site:

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