Antiquarium Comunale del Celio (Antiquarian House of Celio)

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It was built in 1890 by architect F.Azzurri and arranged by professor Rodolfo Lanciani. The necessity to create an antiquarium was caused by endless quantity of archeological material discovered in all parts of the city during the excavations begun by the Italian state. In 1929 it was reconstructed by Antonio Munoz, but seriously damaged in course of construction of the Roman Metro. Thus, the most important part of collection was transferred to the Museo Nuovo on the Piazza del Campidoglio and in Palazzo Caffarelli adjoining the Capitoline Museums and partly at the Museum of Roman Culture (Museo della Civiltà Romana).

Antiquarium Comunale del Celio, Viale del Parco Del Celio
The zone of the antiquarium was formerly occupied by Vigna Cornovaglia (17th century) destroyed in the Napoleon's period. Its level had been risen by the ground taken from the Palatine hill, with the goal to create here a "Jardin du Grand Cesar" (Garden of Great Caesar). Thus, the level of this area is 12m higher than it was before Napoleon. In 1835 Gregory XVI realized here a kind of public park similar to that one of Pincio (architect Gaspare Salvi).

Antiquarium Comunale del Celio (Antiquarian House of Celio) is villa on one of Rome's seven hills, the Celio, exhibits a series of finds discovered on the property during the 19th Century. The most precious were taken into national collections but others were exhibited in the villa. This is both a museum and an archeological storehouse where marble from architectural and funeral structures, statues, mosaics and frescos, hydraulic elements and instrumentum domesticum from Roman times are kept. The visit comprises an internal and an external itinerary.
Former Antiquarian House of Celio
The ruins found in the burial ground of Necropoli Ostiense (Sepolcreto Ostiense) are mostly kept in the Capitoline Museums and in the Antiquarium Comunale and consist of inscriptions and marble cinerary urns decorated with floral motifs. Some modest gold jewels and silver hairpins that belonged to the funeral trousseau of a young girl are of particular interest.

The itinerary inside the museum begins with an extraordinary example of parietal mosaic decoration, discovered at the end of the last century during the work for the construction of Via Nazionale. The delightful itinerary in the exterrnal garden area addresses three special themes: architectural decorations, the development of funeral customs and the complex problems associated with trade in coloured marble.

Antiquarium Comunale del Celio (Antiquarian House of Celio)
Viale del Parco Del Celio, 22
00184, Rome, Lazio, Italy
Zone: Rione Celio (Terme di Caracalla) (Roma centro)
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Tel: +39 06 70454392, +39 06 700 1569

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