Arch of Moneylenders/ Arco degli Argentari/ Arcus Argentariorum

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Arcus Argentariorum is a little arch erected by bankers exchange agents (argentari) and cattle-dealers of the Foro Boario (the cattle market located in this zone) in honour of Settimius Severus, his wife Julia Domna and their sons Geta and Caracalla in 204. It is characterized by excessively elaborated decorations showing the degrade of the artisan art. The names of Geta, Plauziano (head of the emperor's guard) and Plautilla (daughter of Plauziano and wife of Caracalla), formerly inscribed in dedication of arch, disappeared, because all three were murdered by Caracalla and their names were deleted by his order.

Arch of Moneylenders/ Arco degli Argentari/ Arcus Argentariorum architecture of Arcus Argentariorum or Arco degli Argentari at Via del Velabro, near church of San Giorgio al Velabro in Rome
The arch is full of holes made by searchers of the treasure, that according to a legend was hidden behind the bas-relieves. The Arcus Argentariorum (Latin, "Arch of the Moneylenders or money-changers", in Italian Arco degli Argentari) leans on the Church of Giorgio al Velabro and was built in 204 AD.

The arch consists of two pillars covered with marble that support a marble architrave that bears an inscription. On the sides of the inscriptions two low reliefs depict Hercules on the left and a Genius on the right, perhaps the gods that protected the Forum Boarium. The inner sides of the pillars present figures in low relief, Victories with garlands of flowers, Septimius Severus with his wife Giulia Domna in the act of sacrificing. Down lower there is a seen of a solemn sacrifice of bulls. The external decoration of the pillars includes soldiers, barbarian prisoners, military banners (with busts of the imperial family) and a now damaged figure in a short tunic.

Arch of Moneylenders/ Arco degli Argentari/ Arcus Argentariorum
Via del Velabro, snc
00186 , Rome, Lazio, Italy
Zone: Rione Ripa (Circo Massimo - Bocca Verità - Aventino) (Roma centro)
Arch of Moneylenders/ Arco degli Argentari/ Arcus Argentariorum is Shown By "Map K Zone" As "45"
Metro: B Circo Massimo
Bus: 23 - 44 - 81 - 95 - 160 - 170 - 280 - 628 - 715 - 716 - 780 - 781 - 204 fest.
Tram: 3

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