Archaeology Museums In Rome

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Archaeology Museums In Rome, Italy

Municipal Antiquarium

Household objects from the 6th century B.C. to the time of barbarian invasions. Includes the famous doll with jointed limbs that was part of the funeral accouterment of Crepereia Tryphaena.
Via Parco del Celio 22 - phone 06 70 01 569
Temporarily closed for restoration.

Antiquarium of the Forumguided tours bookshop

Finds coming from the Forum excavations and frescoes once on the walls from the walls of the churches of Santa Maria Antiqua and Sant'Adriano.
Piazza Santa Maria Nova 53 -
Free entrance
Temporarily closed.

Centrale Montemartiniguided tours bookshop cafeteria

In the former Montemartini power plant, 400 sculptures coming from Capitoline Museums. A unique combination of classical art and industrial machinery.
Via Ostiense 106
phone 06 57 48 038
Hours: 9.30 - 19,
Mon closed.
Admission Euro 4,13

Archaeological Museum of Ostia

On display are the finds brought to light during the excavations in ancient Ostia: sculptures, decorative and architectural terracotta pieces, objects of worship.
Scavi di Ostia Antica, Via dei Romagnoli 717
Phone. 06 56 35 80 99
Hours: winter 9 - 16, summer 9 - 18, Mon closed.
Admission Euro 4,00 (same ticket as for the excavations)

Barracco Museumguided tours bookshop

The collection, which belonged to Baron Giovanni Barracco, includes Egyptian, Assyro-Babylonian, Greek, and Roman works of art. In the basement are the remains of a late-Roman building.
Corso Vittorio Emanuele II 168
phone 06 68 80 68 48
Temporarily closed for restoration.
Visits are allowed only for groups by appointment.

Capitoline Museumsaudio guides guided tours bookshop cafeteria Accessible for disabled person

The oldest public collection in the world. Includes sculptures of great value such as the Dying Gaul and the Capitoline Venus. In the Picture Gallery paintings dating from the 14th to the 17th century, by artists of the caliber of Titian, Bellini and Caravaggio.
Piazza del Campidoglio
phone 06 67 10 24 75
fax 06 67 85 488
Info and reservations phone 06 39 96 78 00
Hours: 9 - 20, Mon closed.
Admission: Euro 6,20 (+ Euro 1,55 in case exhibitions are on).

Museum of Roman Civilizationsouvenirs guided tours bookshop cafeteria Accessible for disabled person

The museum retraces the history of Rome and its civilization works all over the world. The magnificent model of Imperial Rome in 1:250 scale is not to be missed.
Piazza G. Agnelli (EUR) - phone. 06 59 26 041
Hours: Tue-Sat 9 - 18.45, Sun 9 - 13.30, Mon closed.
Admission Euro 4,13

Museum of the Walls

Located inside Porta San Sebastiano, at the beginning of the Appian Way. Illustrates the architectural history of Rome's fortified surrounding walls and allows access to the only section of the wall-walk open to the public.
Via di Porta San Sebastiano 18 -
phone 06 70 47 52 84
Hours: winter 9 - 19, Sun 9 - 17 / summer 9 - 19. Mon closed.
Admission: Euro 2,58

Palatine Museum bookshop guided tours

Materials coming from the Palatine excavations.
Via di San Gregorio 30 or Via Nova (Roman Forum)
Phone: 06 39 96 77 00
Hours: 9 - 2h before sunset.
Admission: Euro 8,00 (same ticket as for the Palatine and for the Coliseum).

Ship MuseumAccessible for disabled person guided tours

Display of four Roman cargo ships found during the excavations of the ancient harbor of Claudius.
Via A. Guidoni 35 - Fiumicino Airport -
Phone: 06 65 29 192
Temporarily closed for restoration.

Via Ostiense Museum

Set up in the rooms of Porta San Paolo, the museum documents the road that joined Rome to Ostia. Noteworthy are the models of Ostia and the Harbors of Claudius and Trajan.
Via R. Persichetti 3 (Porta S.Paolo) -
phone 06 57 43 193
Hours: 9 - 13.30, Tue and Thu also 14.30 - 16.30. Mon closed.
Free entrance.

National Museum of Eastern Art Accessible for disabled person guided tours

The most important Italian collection of Eastern art, consisting of finds coming from the excavations of the archaeological missions of the Italian Institute for the Middle and Far East.
Via Merulana 247
Phone 06 48 74 415 -
Fax 06 48 70 624
Hours: 9 -14, Sun and holidays 9 - 13, Tue and Thu 8.30 - 19.30, closed 1st and 3rd Mon of each month.
Admission Euro 4,00

L. Pigorini National Museum of Prehistory and Ethnographysouvenirs audio guides guided tours bookshop cafeteria Accessible for disabled person

An ethnographic collection containing around 60,000 pieces produced by European indigenous cultures. The Italian prehistoric and protohistoric section documents the evolution from the Paleolithic epoch to the Iron Age.
Piazzale G. Marconi 14 -
phone 06 54 95 21 -
fax 06 54 95 23 10
Hours: 9 - 20.
Admission Euro 4,00

Villa Giulia National Etruscan Museum souvenirs audio guides guided tours bookshop cafeteria Accessible for disabled person

Housed in the splendid villa of Pope Julius III, it holds the pre-Roman antiquities from the Etruscan and Faliscan civilizations.
Piazzale di Villa Giulia 9
phone 06 32 26 571
Reservations phone 06 32 810
On-line booking:
Hours: 8.30 - 19.30, Mon closed.
Admission Euro 4,00

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