Baciccia (1639-1709) (Giovanni Battista Gaulli)

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Giovanni Battista Gaulli, named Baciccia, Italian painter, was born in Genoa in 1639 and died in Rome in 1709. He moved to Rome when was still young and remained here for all of his life. He became one of the favourite artists of the aristocracy, as well as a member of the Accademy of S.Luca. His most famous work is decoration of the ceiling in the church Chiesa del Gesu' in Rome with Il Trionfo del nome di Gesu' (1672-1683), a fresco, which is one of the most perfect expressions of the triumphal spirit of Roman baroque. In 1672-1675 was executed a series of paintings: Adorazione dei pastori (Dresden, Mus.); Madonna (Cappella Altieri, Rome, San Francesco a Ripa); Morte di S.Francesco Saverio (Rome, Sant'Andrea al Quirinale).

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