Barocci, Federico (1528-1612) (Il Baroccio)

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Federico Fiori named il Barocci, Italian painter, was born and died in Urbino (1528/35-1612). Being in Rome in 1561-1563, he participated in renewing of Raphael's tradition, which served as a lighthouse for the Roman artists, such as Taddeo Zuccari. He took part in decoration works of Casino di Pio IV. Between 1568 and 1569 in Perugia he began to work in his style of mannerism composed of new effects of vanished colors, crowded and animated scenes, which foreshadowed the Baroque and had analogies with the "reformed" painting of Tuscanian artist: Deposizione (in Duomo). In 1575-1579 he created fundamental Madonna del popolo (see on the right) (Florence, Gall.Uffizi); Vocazione di Sant'Andrea (1586, Brussels, Mus.Royaux des Beaux-Arts); Cristo e la Maddalena (1590, Monaco, Alte Pin.), Beata Michelina (see below) (Pin.Vaticana).
Should also be noticed the sophisticated portraits executed by Barocci. He is one of the most important figures in the history of engraving, in his Annunciazione he opened the new expressive possibilities for etching. The greatest collections of Barocci's works are presented in Florence (Gallery of Uffizi) and in Berlin (Staatl.Mus.).

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