Basile, Ernesto (1857-1932)

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Ernesto Basile, Italian architect, was born and died in Palermo in 1857-1932. He had got a diploma of the Palermo's University, and dedicated himself to the studies of Sicilian, Arab-Norman and Renaissance architecture. His first works were: project for the Palazzo di Montecitorio (Rome, 1903-1925); a monument of Calatafimi (1885); buildings for the National Exposition of Palermo (1891). They were followed by Villa Igea, Villa Paterno' (Palermo, 1898); pavilion of Sicilian Exposition (Palermo, 1901); Caffe' Ferraglia (Rome, 1901); Villini Monroy (1903), Basile (1904) and Fassini (1906); Villa Dellella (1909) (all in Palermo).

E.Basile was also noted as a good designer of furniture.

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