Basilica Julia (Giulia)

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This Basilica Julia (Giulia) in the Roman Forum (Foro Romano) is symmetrical to Basilica Emilia and was built by Julius Caesar in 46 b.C. on the site of the previous Basilica Sempronia (170 b.C.). Its dimensions are 101m x 49m. Basilica Julia was restored by Diocletian in 305 and for the last time by the prefect of the city Gabinius Vettius Probianus in 416 A.D. after the sack of Rome in 410. During the centuries this monument was used as a cave for the building material, that is why they only part survived is the pavement of the central hall. Basilica Julia was the meeting-place of the four tribunals of the Centumviri, who dealt with civil cases.

Basilica Julia (Giulia) in the Roman Forum (Foro Romano).
Inside it had a central hall 82m long and 18m wide, bordered all round by a colonnade of arches and piers with engaged columns. On the steps can be seen graffiti in the marble used as "gaming boards".

Close to the basilica are remains of Arco di Tiberio, erected in 16 A.D. in honour of the emperor Tiberius and of his nephew Germanicus, who avenged the defeat of Varus in the Teutoburg Forest in 9 A.D. by his victory over the German tribes at Idisiavisus.

It was completed later by emperor Augustus. It was rebuilt after a fire in the year 2 BC and restored for the last time in 416 AD. The Basilica consisted of a two-story building with a nave and four aisles and a huge central hall. It hosted the four sections of the Roman Court of Assizes held by 105 judges, called the Centumviri.

Basilica Julia (Giulia)
Via della Salara Vecchia (Via di San Gregorio)
00186 , Rome, Lazio, Italy
Zone: Rione Campitelli (Foro Romano- Campidoglio-P.Venezia) (Roma centro)/ Rione Celio (Terme di Caracalla) (Roma centro)
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