Biking In Italy - The Dolomites: Total Miles: 150+

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Biking At Italy - The Dolomites: Total Miles: 150+, Italy

The Italian Dolomites, one of Europe’s most spectacular mountain ranges, offer mountain bikers of all abilities thousands of miles of trail, dirt road and WWI cart paths. The area around Lago di Garda, with its centuries-old network of hiking trails and alpine refugios, is gaining renown as a European bike mecca. It’s intoxicatingly scenic, with an intricate and well-maintained trail network completely open to bikes, and at ride’s end you can kick back in the village and enjoy classic Italian cuisine.



Daily run to the most beautiful peaks on Lake Garda.
Via delle Busatte 83, Torbole sul Garda (TN) - Mobile tel +39 329 43.52.878 Fax +39 0464 506149

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