Breccia di Porta (Gate) Pia

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Breccia di Porta (Gate) Pia

This was the place where the battle for Rome on September 20, 1870 occurred, the place from where the first "bersaglieri" entered the city, a few steps away from the Spanish steps. The War Memorial (architect Adolfo Apolloni, 1920) with the tablets containing the names of the died here soldiers, and a Victory Column erected in 1895 (architect Cesare Aureli, sculptor Guastalla) are located on the site of the battle. The city received a huge influx of immigrants when it became the capital; this led to the rapid, and disordered creation of new dwellings. The column is ancient and was brought out to the light after excavations in "salita dei Crescenzi" close to Piazza della Rotonda in Rome in 1875.

Breccia di Porta (Gate) Pia, Piazzale di Porta Pia (Via 20 Settembre, 2), Rome
"Breccia" means the breach which was made in the walls during the shelling, when Italian troops entered Rome and so brought to an end the temporal power of the popes.

Here, on September 11, 1926, the antifascist activist Gino Lucetti threw a bomb against the car transporting Benito Mussolini, but without effect. In 1932, a statue dedicated to the Bersaglieri (Italian light infantrymen) was erected in the square, and in 1936 the statues of the saints that had been damaged on that fateful September 20 were restored. A mosaic reproducing the painted image of the Madonna was also added, as the original was damaged during the artillery's fire. More details: Porta (Gate) Pia

Breccia di Porta (Gate) Pia
Piazzale di Porta Pia (Via 20 Settembre, 2)
00198, Rome, Lazio, Italy
Zone: Quartiere Salario (Roma nord)
Breccia di Porta (Gate) Pia is Shown By "Map F Zone" As "5"
Bus: 36 - 60 - 61 - 62 - 84 - 90 - 490 - 401 - 495
Tel: 06 486723

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