Brill, Paul (1554-1626)

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Paul Brill, Flemish painter, was born in Anversa in 1554 and died in Rome in 1626. In 1574 he went to Rome where in the beginning was working with his brother Matthijs over the decoration of Torre dei Venti in Vatican; Casino Rospigliosi; Galleria Clementina, Scala Santa and Library in Vatican. His paintings and designs with the landscape are quite interesting (Milan, Pinacoteca Ambrosiana; Monaco, Alte Pin.). His later works reveal the influence of A.Elsheimer and A.Carracci: Tobia con l'angelo (Dresden, Pict.Gallery); Paesaggio pastorale (St.Petersburg, Hermitage). All these are the classic paysages immersed in atmosphere of serenity mostly due to the knowledge of light effects.

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