Cambio, Arnolfo di (circa1245-1302)

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Arnolfo di Cambio, Italian sculptor and architect, was born in Colle Val d'Elsa in circa 1245 and died in Florence in 1302. In the beginning of his artistic activity he collaborated with Nicola Pisano in Duomo di Siena (1266-1268); arch of San Domenico in Bologna (Madonna, three caryatids and three of the six Storie del Santo) (1265-1267). After transfer in Rome Arnolfo had got his own studio and till 1276 were executed the tomb of cardinal Annibaldi (Rome, St John Laterna) and the tomb of Hadrian V (Viterbo, San Francesco). The artist was one of the first who studied the French gothic style, but at the same time he was interested by classic sculpture and architecture of Rome: Carlo I d'Angio' (Rome, Mus.Capitolini); bronze statue of San Pietro (Rome, St Peter's); the fountain of the Thirsty in Perugia (1281, fragments are in the Gall.Naz. dell'Umbria); Presepio (Rome, Santa Maria Maggiore); tomb of the cardinal de Braye (1282) (Orvieto, San Domenico).

During the last years of his life the artist devoted himself to architecture: two great ciboria in Rome, in San Paolo fuori le Mura (1285) and in Santa Cecilia (1293); between 1296 and 1302 construction and decoration of the facade of Santa Maria del Fiore in Florence, of which remained only few figures (a group of Madonna col Bambino, statue of Boniface VIII benedicente, lunette of Nativita' (Florence,'Opera del Duomo), fragments of a lunette with Dormitio Virginis (Berlin, Staatl.Mus.).

Piombo also created projects for various Florentine buildings: the church of Badia (1284) (later completely remade); Basilica di Santa Croce (1295); Palazzo della Signoria (Palazzo Vecchio).

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