Carracci, Agostino (1557-1602)

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Agostino Carracci, Italian painter and engraver, was born in Bologna in 1557 and died in Parma in 1602. He was the elder brother of Annibale and cousin of Ludovico Carracci. He dedicated himself mostly to teaching and studies of artistic theory. He participated together with Annibale and Ludovico in decoration of Palazzo Fava in Bologna (1583-1584); created Comunione di San Gerolamo (Bologna, Pin.Naz. (1591-1592)) and Cristo e l'adultera (Milan, Brera). In Rome he collaborated with Anibale on the decoration of Galleria Farnese, but in 1599 he left the city as a consequence of disagreement with the brother. Agostino ended his life in Parma, wher the duke Ranuccio Farnese invited him to decorate with the mythologic scenes Palazzo del Giardino.

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