Casina "La Vignola" at Porta Capena

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Porta Capena was a gate in the Servian Wall near Caelian Hill, in Rome, formerly a sacred forest where Numa Pompilius and Egeria met. Porta Capena square (Piazza di Porta Capena) also hosts the FAO headquarters and the Casino La Vignola Boccapaduli.

Casina "La Vignola" (Casino La Vignola Boccapaduli) at Porta Capena
Casina "La Vignola" is a gracious construction built in the 15th century for the Vigna Boccapaduli. It was transferred here as a consequence of creation of the Passeggiata Archeologica, i.e. Archeological Walk. This house is an example of numerous constructions of this kind erected during the 16th-17th centuries on the territories of vineyards and gardens, and destroyed later due to expansion of the city.

Near by the Casina is a broken column, which reminds about the battle of Italian military troops with the Germans on September 10, 1943.

Ancient Porta Capena, the starting point of Via Appia, was located near the eastern end of Circus Maximus; in 1911 the area where the gate stood was redesigned in order to provide an appropriate entrance to the restored archaeological sites along the ancient road and chiefly to Terme di Caracalla. This led to enlarging Valle delle Camene, the valley between the Aventine and the Caelian hills. A small but elegant Renaissance building at the foot of the Aventine was pulled down and rebuilt in the new square. It is called la Vignola with a reference to the XVIth century architect Jacopo Barozzi, called il Vignola, but the name is due to the fact that the building was located in a small vineyard (It. vignola) belonging to the Boccapaduli family. (Source: romeartlover)

Casina "La Vignola" at Porta Capena
Piazza di Porta Capena
00184, Rome, Lazio, Italy
Zone: Rione San Saba (Piramide) (Roma centro)
Casina "La Vignola" at Porta Capena is Shown By "Map K Zone" As "59"

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