Casino (Casina) of Cardinal Bessarione

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Casino of Cardinal Bessarione (Casina del Cardinal Bessarione) was built in the 15th century and served as a summer house of famous cardinal Giovanni Bessarione. Rare example of a Renaissance suburban villa, it stands in an area rich of testimonies of the imperial republican era. At the junction between the via Appia and via Latina, at number 7 di Porta S. Sebastiano, stands a suburban rinascimento villa, attributed to cardinal Bessarione, bishop of Tuscolo between 1449 and 1468; two late republican sepulchres have recently been found in the foundations.

Casino (Casina) of Cardinal Bessarione at Via di Porta San Sebastiano
It was used as a hospital at the beginning of the 14th century, then as a monastery and finally, in the mid 19th century, it became a country inn. Centuries later it was turned into a tavern, and then in the 30's of the 20th century acquired by the Commune of Rome, restored by Antonio Munoz, and transformed into a seat of official receptions. All the rooms have late-Gothic decorations and friezes. The admirable loggia is decorated with arches and columns.

The façade has two Guelf-cross large windows and a loggia. Inside are two large frescoes salons decorated with renaissance works. The restorations have brought back the ancient splendor of the inner decoration and the nice Italian-style garden. There are original Quattrocento door frames and fireplaces. The rooms are furnished in a style contemporaneous with the house, nothing to do with Cardinal Bessarion, which together with the garden presents an evocative picture of the idealized country life in early Renaissance Rome.

Note: The monument is closed until further notice.

Casino (Casina) of Cardinal Bessarione
Via di Porta San Sebastiano, 8
00179, Rome, Lazio, Italy
Zone: Rione Celio (Terme di Caracalla) (Roma centro)/ Quartiere Appio Latino (Roma sud)
Casino (Casina) of Cardinal Bessarione is Shown By "Map K Zone" As "88"
Telephone: +39 06 67103833

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