Chiesa (Church) di San Giacomo in Augusta, Rome

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Chiesa (Church) di San Giacomo in Augusta, Rome

Originally it was a little church of a hospital, but in the end of the 16th century it was reconstructed and enlarged. The facade was begun by F.da Volterra and finished by C.Maderno in 1600. Interior of the church on elliptical plan was realized by F.da Volterra in 1592. The vault was entirely frescoed by Silverio Capparoni. The name of the church derives from the nearby Mausoleum of Augustus.

In 1338 Cardinal Pietro Colonna founded the hospital of San Giacomo ("in Augusta" because of its vicinity to the ruins of the mausoleum of Augustus). The interior has a very original ellipstic plan covered by an elliptic dome. Along the aisles are three chapels with pieces works of art dating back to the 15th and 18th century.
Chiesa di S.Giacomo in Augusta

Ospedale di S.Giacomo (Hospital San Giacomo) degli Incurabili

The hospital was created in the 1338 by cardinal Giovanni Colonna, a friend of Petrarca. In 1515 it was neglected and abandoned, but successively it was reorganized by two religious organizations Compagnia di S.Maria del Popolo and Compagnia del Divino Amore. The hospital turned to be quite specialized, as here all the people ill with syphilis were cured. The illness was brought to Rome by a French army. Due to lack of necessary knowledge and medicines against the syphilis, the hospital received a name "Hospital of St James of the Incurables".
Ospedale di S.Giacomo (Hospital San Giacomo) degli Incurabili
The quantity of ill people was so great, that it caused construction of a new wing.

The main facade is on Via Canova, it was reconstructed in 1831-1846 by P.Camporese on the base of the previous facade by F.da Volterra. The name of the street Via Canova derives from the fact that for a long time a house here served as one of the studios of a great sculptor A.Canova. Now this hospital is moved. More Info:

Chiesa (Church) di San Giacomo (S.Giacomo) in Augusta
Via del Corso, 499,
00186, Rome, Lazio, Italy
Zone: Rione Trevi (Quirinale-Tritone-Barberini) (Roma centro)
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