Chiesa (Church) di S.Lazzaro / Borgo San Lazzaro, Rome

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chiesa san lazzaro in borgo, Rome

It is located at the feet of Monte Mario, and is an example of similar constructions, that must have been numerous in the past. They served the pilgrims ill with simple diseases and mortal infections like leprosy. The church grew in the 11th century under the name of S.Maria Maddalena; in 1187 it was reconstructed by a French pilgrim, who established adjoining to it hospital-hospice for leprous pilgrims, and dedicated it to S.Lazzaro.

The church was built early in the 11th century, and was first known as Santa Maria Maddalena. A hospice for pilgrims was attached to it; Via Trionfale was one of the main roads into Rome for pilgrims from the north.

The church conserved its Romanesque character with three naves divided by columns. Inside is a chapel of S.Maria Maddalena, patron of vine-dressers, who once occupied the Monte Mario, and who starting from 1598 had here their Confraternity.

Chiesa (Church) di S.Lazzaro
Borgo San Lazzaro,
Via Trionfale 148
00136, Rome, Lazio, Italy
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