Chiesa del Bambino (Bambin) Gesu

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Chiesa del Bambino (Bambin) Gesu

It is located in front of the Chiesa di S.Pudenziana with the adjoining 18th century Augustinian convent. The church is on a Greek-cross plan with the dome. It was erected by F.Fuga in 1731-1735 for Clement XII. Originated from a boarding school established by spinsters p. Cosimo Lucchese Berlintoni and Anna Moroni in 1662. The interior has a Greek cross and round and dome-basin and three altars.

In XVIIth century Rome the access to schools was reserved to boys; girls received their education at home and only the wealthiest families were in a position to have a private tutor; in 1671 Congregazione del SS. Bambin Gesù, a congregation aiming at providing some basic education for girls was founded; at the beginning its premises were near Tor Margana, but the success of the initiative led to the construction of a large nunnery/school which included a church. Initially Alessandro Specchi, the architect of Porto di Ripetta was asked to design the new buildings, but his projects were too expensive and the commission was assigned to Paolo Buratti; at his death in 1734, Ferdinando Fuga, the preferred architect of Pope Clement XII, was asked to complete the church.

It still houses a school although a section of it has been turned into a sort of hotel. Today it is a part of Istituto Bambino Gesù.
Istituto Bambino Gesù Via Cavour, 83/A - Via Urbana, 1

Chiesa del Bambino (Bambin) Gesu
Via Urbana, 160 (Via Cavour, 83)
00184, Rome, Lazio, Italy
Zone: Rione Monti (Colosseo-S.Giovanni-S.Maria Maggiore) (Roma centro)
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Istituto Bambino Gesù
Via Cavour, 83/A - Via Urbana, 1
00184 Roma
Tel. 06 4881008 - 06 4882231

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