Chiesa di Santa Maria del Rosario (Church of St. Mary of the Rosary), Rome

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Chiesa di Santa Maria del Rosario (Church of St. Mary of the Rosary), Rome

It is incorporated into a monastery construction, has a nice dome and a simple facade with the asymmetrical bell-tower. The church was begun in the middle of the 17th century on the money left as a will by Gian Vittorio de Rossi, who had his house beside it. The project was by Camillo Asprucci, and the building continued until 1700. The steps of the church were created in 1838, due to the necessity to connect it with the new tract of Via Trionfale.

The monastery belongs to the Dominicans from the beginning of the 18th century. Here in 1863 Franz Liszt stayed. At present it is occupied by nuns Dominicans, moved here from the Convent at Piazza Magnanapoli. Their original seat was in Chiesa di S.Sisto Vecchio (1221), and from there they conserved a precious Byzantine icon "Madonna di S.Luca", probably the most ancient among the similar icons existing in Rome.

Monte Mario is the hill which stands to the north of Prati di Castello, the meadows outside Porta Castello where the Romans had their picnics in the XVIIIth century. The hill has been regarded as part of the historical landscape of Rome and (exception made for a luxury hotel in the 1950s) it has been developed only on the side which is not visible from the city.

In 1838 Pope Gregory XVI built new steps to facilitate the access to S. Maria del Rosario; Cappella del SS. Crocifisso was damaged in 1849 during the Defence of Rome and in 1883 it was eventually pulled down to enlarge the street leading to Villa Mellini, which was turned into an astronomical observatory.

You won't find S. Maria del Rosario church at its street address of via Trionfale 175. That entrance has been closed and the number removed. A little farther up is a piazza with stairways leading to a street above, via Alberto Cadlolo. Turn left on that street and look for a narrow walkway on the left, between the piazza and the convent. Follow the walkway around to the back of the convent.

Interior of the church is very pleasant and full of light; there are four little chapels in form of niches.

From the square in front of the church opens a wonderful view on Rome and Roman Campagna limited by Monte Soratte, Monti Tiburtini and Colli Albani.

Chiesa di Santa Maria del Rosario (Church of St. Mary of the Rosary)
Via Chiusdino 16
Via dei Martiri Portuensi, 00148, Rome, Lazio, Italy
Shown By Map A Zone As "9"
tel. 06-65.53.081

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