Chieti (CH) (Abruzzi)

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Region of Abruzzi (L'Aquila) in Southern Italy.

Surface 2586; 104 communes; agriculture, breeding, fishing, industries.

Main centers: Lanciano, Ortona, Vasto, Francavilla al Mare, Atessa.

Chieti (CH) (Abruzzi)

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Abruzzi (L'Aquila) - Southern Regions

In the ancient times the region was called Samnium, in the Middle Ages it was denominated Aprutium. The origins of the modern name, Abruzzi, come from the

Southern Regions - Provinces and Main Towns, Population Density, Agriculture & Industry

Southern Regions of Italy - Provinces and Main Towns . inhabitants of main town inhabitants density Abruzzi (L'Aquila) 10 794 1 217