Church/ Chiesa di San Salvatore in Onda

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This little Church/ Chiesa di San Salvatore in Onda is documented since 1127, but had lost its original aspect because of continuous restorations (the last one took place in 1845 and in 1877, by Luca Carimini). It conserved the three original naves of basilican plan with the columns. In the 17th century the level of the pavement was risen because it was easily reached by the regular floods of Tiber.

Church/ Chiesa di San Salvatore in Onda, Rome
The name probably derives from a medieval street "de unda" referring to the close river and its waters (unda=onda=wave). The annexed convent first occupied by a confraternity of St Paul hermit, and then by Agostinians. Among them were two popes Franciscans Sixtus IV and Sixtus V. Recently the church became a base of the charity center founded by Roman apostle of the 19th century S.Vincenzo Pallotti; at present it is incorporated in the General house of the Pallotti's followers.

The tri partite façade embodies an entry portal surmounted by an empty squaring and a semi circular window. All of this is crowned by a triangular tympanum. The interior, restored between 1860 and 1878 by Luca Carimini, consists of three naves divided by two lines of antique columns made of different types of marble. A stairwell under the presbytery leads to the crypt, where one can find ruins from a building from C. II. Saint Vincent Pallotti (April 21, 1795 – January 22, 1850), an Italian ecclesiastic was buried here.

Church/ Chiesa di San Salvatore in Onda
Via dei Pettinari, 51
00186, Rome, Lazio, Italy
Zone: Rione Regola (Campo de' Fiori-Piazza Farnese) (Roma centro)
Church/ Chiesa di San Salvatore in Onda is Shown By "Map H Zone" As "8"
Hours: Every day 8.00-12.00. Masses: Holidays 7.00am 11.00am., Weekdays 7.00. During the Mass is not allowed to visit the Church.
Telephone: 0039 06 68194601

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