Church/ Chiesa di Santa Croce Alle Scalette (del Buon Pastore)

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Church/ Chiesa di Santa Croce Alle Scalette (del Buon Pastore)

In 1620 was founded the monastery for the women of bad behavior, who were intending to redeem themselves. There was a church attached to it given in the care of cardinal Francesco Barberini. Since 1830 the institution was entrusted to the nuns of Carita' del Buon Pastore di Anggers and the church became famous under this name. Now the institute is being transformed for the new needs.
Church/ Chiesa di Santa Croce Alle Scalette (del Buon Pastore) at Lungara, Rome

In the adjoining street via della Penitenza happened a threatening fact of the 17th century history of Rome. On the angle between via della Lungara and Penitenza was a house where lived a certain "astrologer of Lungara", a witch who opened a production and trading of so called "acqua toffana", the poisoning mixture named after its inventor Giulia Toffana arrived to Rome from Palermo. The trial of 1659 discovered that numerous mysterious deaths of men of different ages, already attributed to the pestilence of 1656-57, were caused by the action of their wives. And in this "slaughter-house of husbands" were involved at least 600 victims. Anyway in the July of 1659 on the square Campo de'Fiori took place the gruesome performance of hanging of 5 women. Other 40 ended their days in the monasteries forced to lead a very hard life. One of them was a noble woman Aldobrandini, she was released from Castel S.Angelo after a short sojourn. This is a very bright example and characteristics of those times, when the official divorce was not introduce yet, and what had happened in the practice was called "divorzio all'italiana", i.e. divorce in Italian way.

After its restoration in 1924 the Chiesa di S.Croce delle Scalette/ del Buon Pastore/ Rettoria Santa Croce Alla Lungara (Church of the Holy Cross of Ladders/ Good Shepherd/ The Holy Cross at Lungara) remained closed. Today it is property of the Comune di Roma and new restorations are planned. The facade has two parts, divided by pilasters. The entrncey portal has two lateral niches, while on the upper part there is a large window. It is framed by a triangular gable. The interior has a single nave and a single altar. From 1970 onwards it became first a help center for young people, then a help center for the elderly and at the moment it is the seat of the Casa Internazionale delle Donne (International Women's Fund). The church, also known as “del buon pastore”.

Church/ Chiesa di Santa Croce Alle Scalette (del Buon Pastore)
Via della Lungara, 19
00165, Rome, Lazio, Italy
Zone: Rione Trastevere (Gianicolo) (Roma centro)
Church/ Chiesa di Santa Croce Alle Scalette (del Buon Pastore) is Shown By "Map G Zone" As "14"
Bus: H
Tram: 8
Tel: 06.68401720
Fax: 06.68401726

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