Church/ Chiesa di Santa Maria dell'Umiltà (Assunzione di Maria)

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Church/ Chiesa di Santa Maria dell'Umiltà (Assunzione di Maria)

Church/ Church/ Chiesa di Santa Maria dell'Umiltà (previously it was Chiesa dell' Assunzione di Maria) was built by wish of Francesca dei Baglioni, who after her husband's death instituted a religious community under the Dominicans. The first construction was built in 1601, but reconstructed in 1641-1646 by P.Marucelli. The simple facade was realized in 1680 by C.Fontana with a dominating bas-relief representing "Assunzione della Vergine" by Vincenzo Felici. In 1853 the facade was incorporated in the convent construction. This transformation was caused by the necessity to use it for the North American College founded by Pius IX. After it was moved to the Gianiculum Hill, a house of American priests still remained here.

The church had a very interesting Baroque façade by Carlo Fontana which was "normalized" in the XIXth century. The relief of the Assunta is by Vincenzo Felici, son-in-law of Domenico Guidi. Palazzo Maccarani (or Di Brazzà) is near S. Maria dell'Umiltà. Chiesa dell' Assunzione di Maria today Chiesa dell'Umiltà (Church of St. Mary of Humility).

Interior of the church is sumptuous and rich with the marble and stucco decorations realized by C.Fontana and his pupil Alessandro Dori in 1710-1737. Should be noticed six stucco statues of the Saints located in the niches, by A.Raggi (1660); a wooden cantorium; ceiling fresco by M.Cerruti (1726); Cappella of the High Altar by M.Longhi the Y. (1646); and Cappella del Crocefisso with fine decorations built on expense of a nun from the Colonna family.

Church/ Chiesa di Santa Maria dell'Umiltà (Assunzione di Maria)
Via dell’Umiltà 30
00187, Rome, Lazio, Italy
Zone: Rione Pigna (Torre Argentina) (Roma centro)
Church/ Chiesa di Santa Maria dell'Umiltà (Assunzione di Maria) is Shown By "Map E Zone" As "104"
Tel: 06-69.00.11

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