Church/ Chiesa di Sant'Isidoro degli Irlandesi (Collegio S Isidoro), Rome

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Church/ Chiesa di Sant'Isidoro degli Irlandesi (Collegio S Isidoro), Rome

The construction of the Church/ Chiesa di Sant'Isidoro degli Irlandesi (Collegio S Isidoro/Saint Isidore 's College) [the national church of Ireland] was begun in 1622 by Spanish Franciscans, who dedicated it to the Spanish Saint, canonized in that epoch, farmer St Isidorus. In 1621, a group of Frati Francescani Spagnoli,during the beatification of Isidoro (560-636),doctor of the Church, decided to build a center for their communal life during the beatification of Isidoro (560-636), doctor of the Church. In 1625 the church and the convent became a center of assistance to persecuted Irish Franciscans, who dedicated the church to S.Patrizio. That center exists till now in the Irish College, founded by Luke Wadding, the distinguished Irish Franciscan.

In construction of the church also participated Domenico Castelli (staircase and portico) and Francesco Bizzaccheri (1705, facade). There is also a high bell-tower and two cloisters, one of which is entirely depicted by stories of Franciscans, and an old hall of academic reunions.

The little church has a hall and two chapels on each side with a transept surmounted by a little dome and two chapels on the sides of the high altar. The church is decorated in simple baroque style, and has a painting by C.Maratta on the high altar and a Chapel Da Silva built and decorated by G.L.Bernini.

During Napoleonic occupation the church and its convent were occupied by painters "nazareni" of north European origins, as well as N.V.Gogol during his Roman sojourn before he moved to an apartment on Via Sistina.

The roof is decorated with by Charles Andrèe’Van Loo’s fresco, depicting “Gloria di San Isidoro” (1729). Inside the Da Silva chapel DaSilva, based on Bernini’s design (1663), are one finds frescoes by Carlo Maratta (1625-1713). On the main altar, one finds a painting by Andrea Sacchi depicts entitled “ S.Isidoro e la Vergine” (1622). Adjacent are the Spanish cloister(1622-26) and the Wadding cloister (1630).

Church/ Chiesa di Sant'Isidoro degli Irlandesi (Collegio S Isidoro/Saint Isidore 's College) is part of the Irish Province of the Order of Friars Minor. The College today is on lease to the Minister General of the Order, he has transferred to St. Isidore's what was the entire community and activity of St. Bonaventure's college, Grottaferrata ( Rome ). It has been agreed to retain an Irish Franciscan presence, if possible.

Significant structural work has been done to house the new community, and to house the library from Grottaferrata. The new community took up residence in early November 2008, and now numbers thirteen friars from seven different countries - Italy, Ireland, Germany, Poland, the United States, Switzerland and Madagascar. The main work of the Franciscan community is research and publication, and the maintenance of two important research libraries. Normally the international community in St. Isidore's includes one or more Irish Franciscans, who continue to provide an Irish Franciscan presence in Rome.

Church/ Chiesa di Sant'Isidoro degli Irlandesi (Collegio S Isidoro/Saint Isidore 's College)
Via degli Artisti, 41
00187, Rome, Lazio, Italy
Zone: Rione Campo Marzio (P.Spagna-P.Popolo-Pincio) (Roma centro)
Church/ Chiesa di Sant'Isidoro degli Irlandesi (Collegio S Isidoro) is Shown By "Map E Zone" As "63"
Hours: The Eucharist is celebrated in the College chapel in English at 10.00 each Sunday morning. Other events, particularly Irish events, are celebrated as they occur.
Telephone: +39.064885359 / +39.064885136
Fax: +39.064884459
Email: and

You can reach Via degli Artisti By the following Bus Station:
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Bus: 1-7-10-11-17 or you may catch busline near Via Francesco Crispi (not far from Via degli Artisti)

Closest Underground Metro stations near Via degli Artisti: (Get an idea of : Rome Underground METRO Lines System and Trains)
METRO A BARBERINI, Barberini (piazza), 10, 346 mt. away
METRO A REPUBBLICA, Della Repubblica (piazza), 55, 382 mt. away
METRO A SPAGNA, Della Trinita' Dei Monti (piazza), 3, 512 mt. away
METRO B TERMINI, dei cinquecento (piazza), 84, 515 mt. away
METRO A TERMINI, piazza dei cinquecento, 1, 621 mt. away
METRO B CASTRO PRETORIO, Castro Pretorio (viale), 123, 667 mt. away
METRO A FLAMINIO, Piazzale Flaminio (Piazzale), 790 mt. away
METRO B CAVOUR, Visconti Venosta (largo), 228, 849 mt. away
METRO A VITTORIO EMANUELE, Vittorio Emanuele II (piazza), 111, 966 mt. away

Closest Railway stations near Via degli Artisti:
STAZIONE TERMINI, Dei Cinquecento (piazza), 1, 621 mt. away
STAZIONE FLAMINIO, Di Villa Ruffo (via), 1, 752 mt. away
ROMAPANTANO TERMINI LAZIALI, Giovanni Giolitti (via), 64, 883 mt. away
ROMAVITERBO EUCLIDE, Filippo Civinini (via), 1.0 km. away
ROMAPANTANO S.BIBIANA, Giovanni Giolitti (via), 160, 1.1 km. away
ROMAVITERBO ACQUA ACETOSA, Della Moschea (viale), 1, 1.1 km. away

Closest Tourist Information Points near Via degli Artisti:
Palazzo delle Esposizioni, Via Nazionale 194, 546 mt. away
Stazione Termini, Piazza dei Cinquecento, 592 mt. away
Fontana di Trevi, Via Minghetti, 650 mt. away
Santa Maria Maggiore, Via dell'Olmata, 713 mt. away
Stazione Termini, Via Giolitti 34, 787 mt. away
Visitor Center Fori Imperiali, Via dei Fori Imperiali, 843 mt. away
Navona, Piazza delle Cinque Lune, 867 mt. away

Getting To Church/ Chiesa di Sant'Isidoro degli Irlandesi (Collegio S Isidoro/Saint Isidore 's College) at Via degli Artisti, From Church/ Chiesa di San Giuseppe a Capo le Case (Via Francesco Crispi):
Departure from roma via francesco crispi , 1
walk 250 meters
to roma via degli artisti , 1
distance covered (metres) 250 meters.

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