Church of San Cesareo in Palatio

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The Church of San Cesareo in Palatio (Chiesa di S.Cesareo de Appia) was built over another Roman construction. It was restored in the end of the 16th century by G.Della Porta. Interior is represented by a hall with a rich golden ceiling and various Cosmatesque works like high altar, the bishop's throne, the ambo, the candelabrum, and the fronts of the side-altars.

Church of San Cesareo in Palatio at Via di Porta San Sebastiano
In the 4th century, Emperor Valentinian was cured at the shrine of Caesarius at Terracina, the site of his martyrdom. The emperor then decided to move his relics to Rome. They were taken to a church on the Palatine Hill, and when they were later moved to a new church, that church got the name "in Palatio", "at the Palace". It is also known as San Cesareo de Appia.

The interior is very simple and severe, with a rectangular room, an elegant ceiling with golden panels on a light blue background together with insignia of Pope Clemens VIII and a figure of the appointed Saint. The worth mentioning the two marble angels by the sides of a grated window that brightened the lower crypt in the act of opening a curtain (and part of a funeral monument dating back to the 15th century). The underground is adorned by a mosaic floor that covers the whole church, with black and white marine representations, belonging to the building since the second century.

The apse mosaic was designed and executed by C.d'Arpino. Beneath the church is a Roman construction with the black-and-white pavement mosaics. Centuries ago a hospice-hospital was annexed to the church, but it disappeared some time ago. In front of the facade is a granite column, which served as a sign for pilgrims to stop here and have some rest (it was usual for ancient churches).

Church of San Cesareo in Palatio (Chiesa di S.Cesareo)
Via di Porta San Sebastiano
Near the beginning of the Appian Way.
00179, Rome, Lazio, Italy
Zone: Quartiere Appio Latino (Roma sud)
Church of San Cesareo in Palatio is Shown By "Map K Zone" As "87"
Hours: Every Sunday 9.30am-12.00am. Other days by appointment only. Closed in August. Masses: Holidays 11.30am.
Telephone: 0039 06 58230140.

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