Church of San Giovanni Calibita on the Tiber island

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Church of San Giovanni Calibita on the Tiber island

The Chiesa di S.Giovanni Calibita/ Church of San Giovanni Calibita was built in the 9th century, but its modern look was created in 1640. It contains harmonious decorations of the 18th century and numerous paintings of C.Giaquinto. The name of the church comes from the story about S.Giovanni, who lived in the 5th century and was a son of rich parents, first retired as a hermit and then remained unknown by anybody for years in a hut (in Greek "kalyba") close to his house which stood in this location.

The interior, based on a single nave, holds a rich and harmonic eighteenth-century ensemble. The vault embodies the painting "Gloria di San Giovanni di Dio" by Corrado Giaquinto, also author of the canvases and the decoration of the vault in the presbytery; the widening of the painting on the high altar "La Vergine porge il Bambino a San Giovanni di Dio" is by Andrea Gennardi as well as "Transito di Sant'Antonio". Very beautiful are also the sacristy and the annexed room, both from the 1700s.

On the façade of the church is a copy of a fresco portraying the Madonna della Lampada (Madonna of the Lamp), protagonist of various miraculous events, including one in which the lamp, submerged by a flood of the Tiber, was not put out! It was the same Madonna who later shed tears on seeing the Napoleonic invasion!

The church stands next to the Ponte Fabricio and belongs to the hospital Fatebenefratelli of Isola Tiberina (Tiber island).

Church of San Giovanni Calibita on the Tiber island
Ponte Fabricio
Between Ponte (Bridge) Fabricio and Ponte (Bridge) Cestio, at number 39 on the Tiber Island
00186, Rome, Lazio, Italy
Zone: Rione Ripa (Circo Massimo-Bocca Verità-Aventino) (Roma centro)
Church of San Giovanni Calibita on the Tiber island is Shown By "Map J Zone" As "12"
Bus: H - 23 - 63 - 280 - 630 - 780
Tram: service 8
Metro Subway: service B, stop Circo Massimo
Hours: Sunday 10.00am-12.00am. Masses: Weekdays 6.45am 5.45pm. Holidays 11.00am 5.45pm.. Notes: Visit upon booking in the afternoon: tel 06 68371
Telephone: 0039 06 6837342
Fax: 0039 06 6834001

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