Church San Tommaso of Canterbury - English College Church In Rome

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Church San Tommaso of Canterbury - English College Church In Rome

The present look was given to the Chiesa di San Tommaso di Canterbury (Church San Tommaso of Canterbury) during reconstruction of 1866-1888 executed by L.Poletti and V.Vespignani. The church is noted for some important tombs located in it and a beautiful baroque bell-tower. Before it was a primitive church named Trinita' degli Scozzesi founded in the 8th century. The latter was rebuilt in 1575 by cardinal of Norfolk; it was necessary to do because of grave state of abandon caused by sack of Rome in 1527 and separation of Anglican Church from Roman one.

The seminary was founded in 1579, and there has been an English presence on the site in Via di Monserrato since the establishment of the Hospice of St Thomas in 1362, making us the oldest English institution outside England. In 1579 Gregory XIII founded Collegio inglese (English College) attached to the church to support remains of Catholic religion in the United Kingdom. 44 priests prepared in the College were martyred in England in course of persecutions in 17th-18th centuries. Some great English personalities passed through this Roman institution: Thomas Cromwell (1514), cardinal Reginald Pole (1534), Thomas Hobbes (1635), William Harvey (1636), poet John Milton (1636), John Evelyn.
interior of Church San Tommaso of Canterbury
The ground on which the church and the college stand has been the property of English Catholics since 1362, when it was founded as a hospice for pilgrims.

In 1643 English College incorporated the buildings of medieval Corte Savella, which served for centuries as administration center of justice and prisons. The Savelli family was one of the most powerful Roman families during the Dark Ages, they gave some popes (Honorius III, Honorius IV, etc.). Their stronghold was on the Aventine Hill, and in the end of the 14th century they moved to Teatro di Marcello. They obtained a family charge of marshals of the Church and guards of Conclave, which in the periods of anarchy made of them a kind of super-policy and super-magistrate, with a corps of 500 armed soldiers, a tribunal (named "Corte Savella") and prisons. It took popes many years to get rid of this family and its heavy influence on the life of the State.
nave of Church San Tommaso of Canterbury, - English College Church In Rome
The church’s right side is on Via di Monserrato, and there it opens with a portalin Romanesque eclectic style, sided by four oculi topped by arched windows. The interior includes a simple rectangular plan with three naves divided by seven columns. The church also holds numerous funerary monuments, like that for Tommaso Dereham, a work by Ferdinando Fuga. The interior of the College Church, containing a wealth of images depicting English and Welsh Saints and events in the history of the Church in England and Wales.

Church San Tommaso of Canterbury - English College Church In Rome
Via di Monserrato, 45
00186, Rome, Lazio, Italy
Zone: Rione Regola (Campo de' Fiori-Piazza Farnese) (Roma centro)
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Hours: Sunday 9.30am-11.00am, Masses: Holidays 10.00am(inglese/ english)
Telephone: 0039 06 6865808
English College Website:

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