Church of Sant'Andrea della Valle

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Before the church S.Andrea della Valle its place was occupied by a little Chiesetta di S.Sebastiano, which probably was built in memory of a fact that a body of this saint-martyr was found in sewer of this zone. In 1582 the Palazzo Piccolomini located close to the Chiesetta S.Sebastiano was given to the Congregation of Teatinians with the charge to build on its site a church dedicated to S.Andrea.

Chiesa di S.Andrea della Valle Cappella Barberini of the Church of Sant'Andrea della Valle
The first designs were supplied by G.F.Grimaldi and G.Della Porta (1591), C.Maderno continued work in 1608 and in 1622-1625 crowned the church with a fine dome, the highest in Rome after that of St Peter's. The facade is by C.Rainaldi (1655-1665).

The apse decoration is by Alessandro Algardi. In the apse half-dome the History of Sant'Andrea and Virtues are frescoed by Domenichino. In the apse walls are three frescoes Crucifixion, Martyrdom and burial of Sant'Andrea by Mattia Preti (1650–1651), as commissioned by Donna Olimpia, sister in law of Pope Innocent X.
floor plan of Sant'Andrea della Valle interior of Sant'Andrea della Valle
Interior is without aisles and has a high barrel-vault, spacious apse and eight big chapels. This interior embodies a Latin cross with a wide nave with an order and high embedded pilaster strips, and sided by big lateral chapels. The vaulted roof, the bright dome, the wide apse rich of frescoes and golden parts, give it a luxurious aspect. At one end of the nave, above the last arches, one finds the two renaissance tombs of Pof Popes Pius II (died 1464) and Pius III (died 1503). Both Tombs were originally located in St Peter’s Basilica, but were brought to St. Andrea Della Valle in 1614.
whole view of Sant'Andrea della Valle architecture of Sant'Andrea della Valle.
The first chapel on the right is by C.Fontana, it has green marble columns and fine sculptures by A.Raggi. The design of Cappella Strozzi (1616) shows the influence of Michelangelo and contains reproductions in bronze of his Pieta' and of his statues of Leah and Rachel from the projected tomb of Julius II.

Cappella Barberini was built by Matteo di Citta' di Castello (1616) is richly decorated with precious marbles and four red granite columns, it was frescoed by Passignano and has statues by P.Bernini, A.Buonvicino, F.Mochi and C.Stati. In the end of the nave are monuments to popes Pius II and Pius III, both of Piccolomini family. They were brought here from St Peter's in 1614.
nave of Basilica or Chiesa or Church of Sant'Andrea della Valle. Basilica di Sant'Andrea della Valle at Piazza di Sant'Andrea della Valle.
In the dome high up above the crossing is the Glory of Paradise, by Lanfranco. The splendid presbytery and apse; paintings of Six Virtues and the scenes from the life of St Andrew are by Domenichino. The church is also famous for the first act of the opera "Tosca" which was set in the walls of the church. Outside the church building, in front of the main entrance way, is the St. Andrea Della Valle Piazza. There is a stature in the Piazza named the Fontana di Sant'Andrea della Valle, which was built in 1614. Not to be missed out the very worthy series of frescoes by Domenichino.

Church of Sant'Andrea della Valle
Piazza di Sant'Andrea della Valle (Piazza Vidoni, 6)
00186, Rome, Lazio, Italy
Zone: Rione Parione (Navona-Campo de' Fiori) (Roma centro)/ Rione S. Eustachio (Senato-Corso Rinascimento) (Roma centro)
Church of Sant'Andrea della Valle is Shown By "Map H Zone" As "39"
Hours: Every day 7.30am-12.30pm 4.30pm-7.30pm. Masses: The day before a Holiday 7.00pm. Holidays 8.00am 9.00am 11.00am 12.00am 7.00pm.
Telephone: 0039 06 6861339

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