Church of Santissima (SS.) Trinità Dei Pellegrini

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S.Filippo Neri founded in 1548 the Arch-brotherhood of Pilgrims and of Convalescents with a specific goal to arrange the growing crowds of pilgrims arriving to Rome, especially during the Holy Years. Confraternity began its activity in 1550 and was very effective already in 1575, as it found board and lodging for 170,000 pilgrims.

Church of Santissima (SS.) Trinità Dei Pellegrini, Via dei Pettinari, rome
The Church of Santissima (SS.) Trinità Dei Pellegrini (Chiesa della Trinita' dei Pellegrini) was originally named S.Benedetto in Arenula, and was one of the most ancient Roman churches dedicated to the leader of European monasticism. It was given to the Confraternity of Pilgrims by Paul IV in 1558. It was reconstructed and crowned with the dome in 1603-1616 by Giovan Paolo Maggi; the facade is by F.De Sanctis (1723). The interior contains the 17th century works by G.Reni (Trinita'), Borgognone and C.d'Arpino.

The tall and slightly concave 18th century façade of pictorial effect was built by Francesco De Sanctis in 1723 and is characterised by two orders of six Corinthian and composite columns. It is embellished with four niches containing statues of the Evangelists by Bernardo Ludovisi. The inside of the church follows a Latin cross plan and has a huge nave with three chapels on each side that were redesigned by Antonio Sarti in 1853.

The hospice is located on the side of the church and was erected in its present form in occasion of the Jubilee of 1625. In its walls died Roman poet Goffredo Mameli, author of the national Italian hymn, during the siege of 1849. The church contains many sculptures and splendid frescoes, such as the “Eternal Father and Angels” by Guido Reni (1612).

Church of Santissima (SS.) Trinità Dei Pellegrini
Via dei Pettinari, 36/A
00186, Rome, Lazio, Italy
Zone: Rione Regola (Campo de' Fiori-Piazza Farnese) (Roma centro)
Church of Santissima (SS.) Trinità Dei Pellegrini is Shown By "Map H Zone" As "22"
Hours: Weekdays: 04:00pm-08.00pm, Holidays: 08:00am-01:00pm, 04:00pm-08:00pm. Mass times: Weekdays: 7:00 to 18:30. Holidays: 9.00-10.00-18.30. During the celebration of Holy Mass is not possible to visit the church Schedules are subject to change. Call before you visit.
Telephone: 0039 06 6868451

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