Cigoli (1559-1613) (Ludovico Cardi)

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Ludovico Cardi named il Cigoli, Italian painter and architect, was born in Castelvecchio di Cigoli, Florence in 1559 and died in Rome 1613. Together with Pagani he was a member of the studio of F.Barocci and Correggio, as well as Tiziano, surpassing the academicism of the late Florentine style. His most famous works were realized between Florence and Rome: Martirio di Santo Stefano (1597) (Florence, Gall.Palatina of Palazzo Pitti); San Girolamo (Rome, San Giovanni dei Fiorentini).

As an architect he was a student and helper of Buontalenti: executed the works of outstanding elegance in Florence (courtyard of "Palazzo non finto") and in Rome.

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