The Cinema Show “ Le arene di Roma” - Neighborhood Cinemas

"The Cinema Show “ Le arene di Roma” - Neighborhood Cinemas" submitted by RomeTour Editorial Team and last updated on Monday 18th July 2011

Cultural Association of Pan Ars (Associazione Culturale Pan Ars) organizing film festivals in various places in the city of Rome very popular, always getting a great success among both critics and audiences, especially for the quality of films on offer to entertain your summer evenings with the new cinema production authentic masterpieces. “Le arene di Roma” foresees the preparation in six arenas, displaced in differents capital city areas, with giant screens, 300/400 seating places and refreash areas.

The arenas involved by the cinema review are: Arena Sapienza cinema, Arena di Garbatella, Arena di Monteverde, Arena Morena, Cinemunix, Arena delle Torri and Arena di Primavalle.

If you want more information about the program and the tickets prices conatct Associazione Culturale Pan Ars: or

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