Conca, Sebastiano (1680-1764)

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Sebastiano Conca, Italian painter, was born in Gaeta in 1680 and died in Naples in 1764. He was a pupil of Solimena in Naples and in 1706 moved to Rome where collaborated with C.Maratta: ceiling with Incoronazione della Santa in the church of S.Cecilia in Trastevere. In 1729 he entered the Academy of S.Luca where became one of the most eminent personalities. He was also serving for the court of Sabaudia: oratory of San Filippo and Santa Teresa in Turin. From this classic modes the artist moved to greater baroque examples after his return to Naples in 1751, inspired mostly by the works of Luca Giordano: S.Pietro Martire and Santa Chiara.

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