Conte, Jacopino del (1510-1598)

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Jacopino del Conte, Italian painter, was born in Florence in 1510 and died in Rome in 1598. He was a pupil of Andrea del Sarto, and in the past was confused with Francesco Salviati, with whom he collaborated for a certain period of time. In 1537 was created Madonna with St Elisabeth (Florence, Collection Contini-Bonacossi). In Rome Jacopino participated in frescoing of the Oratory of S.Giovanni Decollato (1537-41): Annunzio a Zaccaria, Predica, and Baptism of Christ, his most famous works. At the same period, influenced by Michelangelo and Sebastiano del Piombo, was executed Deposition (Chiesa della Trinita' dei Monti), portraits of Baccio Bandinelli (Boston, Mus.Gardner), of Julia Gonzaga and of Vittoria Farnese (Rome, Galleria Borghese); paintings in Chiesa di S.Luigi dei Francesi and monastery of Corpus Christi.

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