Via del Tritone near Trevi Fountain, Rome

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Via del Tritone street busy traffic line, Rome

The street was created according to the new plan of urbanistic arrangement of this zone of 1881. It connects Piazza Colonna and Piazza Barberini, and is compound of two old enlarged streets Via del Tritone and Via dell'Angelo Custode. There were some buildings destroyed (like the church of Angelo Custode), and Palazzo Poli was cut. The name of the street derives from the fountain of Triton on Piazza Barberini. At present it is a busy traffic line with a number of modern cloth shops. Church/ Chiesa di Santa Maria d'Itria od Odigitria is located here.

Via del Tritone street

Via del Tritone street near Trevi Fountain. Surrounded by the city history and charm, in the center of a virtual triangle among Coliseum, Via Veneto and Spanish Steps, where pleasure, culture and amusement mix together. It links the city centre with north-eastern districts. As well as the shopping area around the three roads which form the so-called Trident - Via del Corso , Via del Babuino and Via Ripetta . You can also walk up Via Sistina to the Spanish Steps. Also, with the Metro Line A nearby, you are within minutes' of the Vatican and St Peter's too. Watch out before crossing the road.

Via del Tritone
Near Trevi Fountain, connects Piazza Colonna and Piazza Barberini
00187, Rome, Lazio, Italy
Zone: Rione Trevi (Quirinale-Tritone-Barberini) (Roma centro)
Via del Tritone near Trevi Fountain is Shown By "Map E Zone" As "60"

To Reach Via del Tritone:

Find Nearby Bus Station, Train Station, Underground Metro Stations, Tourist Information Points of Fontana di Trevi (Trevi Fountain) at Piazza di Trevi

Getting To Via del Tritone From Fontana di Trevi/ Trevi Fountain (Piazza di Trevi):
Departure from roma piazza di trevi , 1
walk 250 meters
to roma via del tritone , 1
distance covered (metres) 250 meters.

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