Distillerie Clandestine Club In Rome - Restaurant, Disco Pub and Live Music

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Distillerie Clandestine Club In Rome - Restaurant, Disco Pub and Live Music, Italy

Situated in the Ostiense area, with a 1930s ambiance, Distillerie Clandestine offers black music, from swing to r&b new soul. Two rooms that can hold abut 300 people feature a different DJ set every night and live music on Fridays and Saturdays. The club offers refined cuisine by the chef Antonio Farnioli.

Distillerie Clandestine is a big and trendy club in Testaccio, the most lively area of the Roman nights. From 20:00 pm to 23:00 pm you can have dinner, indeed inside the disco there is an exclusive restaurant that proposes the specialities of the Mediterranean cuisine accompanied by excellent wines. From 23:30 pm till the dead of night, Distillerie Clandestine can let you dance with the best of Restaurant, American Bar, Disco Pub, Live Music...

Distillerie Clandestine
Via Libetta,13 Roma ( Zona Ostiense)
Tel: 0657305102
cell: 340.6472635
Email: i...@distillerieclandestine.com

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