Domenichino (1581-1641) (Domenico Zampieri)

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Domenico Zampieri named il Domenichino, Italian painter, was born in Bologna in 1581 and died in Naples in 1641. He was a student of Calvaert and L.Carracci, and in 1602 moved to Rome, where entered in the circle of Annibale Carracci and was his collaborator in the Galleria Farnese, oriented on Carracci's formula of classicism characterized by exactness of a design and rare composition balance.

Domenichino's first important work was Storie di San Nilo (1608-1610), frescoes in the abbey of Grottaferrata. The moderated naturalism could be seen in his subsequent Storie di Santa Cecilia (1611) (Rome, San Luigi dei Francesi); Comunione di San Gerolamo (1614) (Rome, Pin.Vaticana) and Caccia di Diana (see on the right) (Roma, Gall. Borghese); frescoes for the tribune in the church of Sant'Andrea della Valle.

In 1630 Domenichino moved to Naples, where spent the last years of his life, decorating Cappella di San Gennaro in Duomo.

Among the greatly valued paintings are: Il guado (Rome) (Gall.Doria); La fuga in Egitto (Paris, Louvre, where the feeling of nature expands on the vast scenery of the beauty idealized by classics.
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