Duquesnoy, Francois (1594-1643)

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Francois Duquesnoy, named Francesco Fiammingo, Flemish sculpture, was born in Brussels in 1594 and died in Livorno in 1643. After the first artistic works next to his padre Jerome, sculpture and author of famous Manneken-Pis, Francois moved to Rome in 1618, where collaborated over the baldachino of G.L.Bernini in St Peter's, and made a friendship with N.Poussin, having got the prestigious position in artistic environment. In 1630 he dedicated himself to the statues of big dimensions with Sant'Andrea (St Peter's) and Santa Susanna (Santa Maria di Loreto), the works considered to be for a long time as an example of the sacred sculpture. He was also very renown for the representation of putti: Rilievo con putti musicanti (1642) (Naples, chiesa dei Santi Apostoli).

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