Ex Magazzini - Bar, Music and much more In Rome

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Ex Magazzini - Bar, Music and much more In Rome, Italy

In addition to live music and DJ performances, since 1997 the club has offered contemporary art and film, and theatrical events.

200 square metres on two levels: LEV 0 is visually connected to the area below by a glass floor and an industrial architecture setting, LEV 1 offers a minimalist underground ambiance.

Among the best features of the Ex Magazzini, the video-lighting of the club's walls: interactive video-showings follow and scan the rhythm of the music creating a sort of visual interior decoration.

Stay on the lower level of Ex Magazzini if you want to listen to the live music being played. For those who prefer a bit of privacy so they can chill out (or do whatever it is bar patrons like to do aside from drinking and dancing), you may head for the sofas at the upper-level lounge area instead. With video projections, fine cocktails and models fresh off the catwalk, why wouldn’t one head there on the weekend?

Ex Magazzini
Via dei Magazzini Generali, 8 bis
Phone: 00 39 06 575 8040

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