Fanzago, Cosimo (1591-1678)

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Cosimo Fanzago, Italian architect and sculptor, was born in Clusone, Bergamo, in 1591 and died in Naples in 1678. He was originally from a family of sculptors artisans. Starting from 1612 he lead very intensive activity in the southern Italy (especially in Naples) as a sculptor and, later, as an architect, becoming the most important master of the local Baroque: spire of Chiesa di S.Gennaro; Chiesa di S.Giorgio Maggiore, Chiesa di S.Maria degli Angeli alle Croci, Chiesa di S.Teresa a Chiaia, Palazzo di Donn'Anna a Posillipo (1635-44), Cappella di Palazzo Reale, 1640-45; a splendid cloister of the Certosa di San Martino (1623-31).

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