Fiesole, Mino da (1429-1484)

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Mino da Fiesole, Italian sculptor, was born in Poggi in 1429 and died in Florence in 1484. He was a pupil of Antonio Rossellino and Desiderio da Settignano. In the beginning he was working as a portraitist in Florence (bust of Piero de'Medici (1453, Florence, Mus.del Bargello)), in Rome (bust of Nicolo'Strozzi (1454, Berlin, Staatl.Mus.)), and in Naples (Astrologer Manfredi (Washington, Nat.Gall.)).

After return to Florence, apart from the busts of Giovanni de'Medici and Rinaldo della Luna (1461, Florence, Mus.del Bargello), he executed some works of major importance: a tomb of bishop Salutati (Fiesole, Cathedral, 1468), and a tomb of Bernardo Giugni (Florence, Chiesa di Badia, 1468).

Mino had actively worked in Volterra (tabernacle,1471, Cathedral), Prato (relieves for the pulpit of A.Rossellino, Cathedral), and especially in Rome (1474-1480), where he executed numerous burial monuments: a tomb of Paul II (St Peter's), a tomb of cardinal Forteguerri (Chiesa di S.Cecilia), a tomb of Riario (Chiesa dei SS.Apostoli), a tomb of Della Rovere (Chiesa di S.Maria del Popolo), a tomb of Francesco Tornabuoni (Chiesa di S.Maria sopra Minerva), an altar of S.Gerolamo (1475, Chiesa di S.Maria Maggiore).

In 1464 in Florence he created his most significant work: the tomb of count Ugo di Toscana (Chiesa di Badia, 1469-81).

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