Fontana, Carlo (1634-1714) (grandson of Domenico Fontana)

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Carlo Fontana, Italian architect, was born in Brusata in 1634 and died in Rome in 1714; he was one of he members of the famous artistic family Fontana. His most famous works are Santa Margherita in Trastevere, San Biagio in Campitelli, facade of San Marcello al Corso (1683). The research of balance between classics and clearness of composition in his works, was the base of all C.Fontana's art. He published the technical and philological work dedicated to St Peter's in 1694 and began to write about Colosseum and Montecitorio. He reconstructed the portico of Santa Maria in Trastevere, gave the designes for the Santuario di Sant'Ignazio a Loyola; built Palazzo dei Tribunali; decorated palaces and chapels in numerous churches (Cappella Cybo in Santa Maria del Popolo, 1683-1687) and was Bernini's successor in charge of papal architect.

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