Forio, Ischia

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Forio, Ischia

The territory occupied by the Comune di Forio (Forio Municipality) at Island of Ischia In Campania region (Naples Province) is approx. 13 sq.m., its population is 12.638. The maximum height reached over the sea level is 700 m in the zone of Falanga. The name "Forio" derives from latin "flos", i.e. flower, that is why the coat of arms of the commune consists of one rose on three hills. According to other opinion, this name takes its origins from the greek "Khoria", which in the late Middle Ages indicated not fortificated villages, open for the enemies. During the Middle Ages in ecclesiastic documents it was written in latin "Forium". In the documents composed in the italian language it is called Furio, Fiorio, Furia and Foria. The presence of the human life in this part of the island is thought to be since the 3rd millenium b.C., but the continous inhabitation began in the 3rd century b.C.. The zone was abandoned in 1301 because of the erruption of the volcano Fiaiano and reinhabited starting from 1305. In the 16th century took place the invasions of pirats and the rich families of the Forio built at least 8 fortificated towers to protect their lands. The main contemporary centers of Forio are Forio Centro, Il Soccorso, S.Vito, Il Cierco, Monterone, S.Francesco da Paola, Panza, S.Maria al Monte and Falanga.

Places of Interest (shown on Map):

24.S.Maria di Loreto
26.S.Francesco d'Assisi
27.S.Maria delle Grazie
28.S.Maria della neve
31.S.Carlo Borromeo
32.S.Michele Arcangelo
34.S.Maria di Montevergine
36.S.Francesco Saverio
27.S.Leonardo Abate
41.S.Maria al Monte

Calendar of the religious holidays of Forio

Good Friday: Via Crucis along the streets starting from the basilica of S.Maria di Loreto
Easter: Sacred representation of the Corsa dell'Angelo

First Sunday: holiday of S.Francesco da Paola

14,15,16 - holiday of the patron S.Vito with the processions and fireworks

2 - holiday of the Madonna delle Grazie in the church of S.Gennaro in Panza
Last Sunday: procession of the Madonna di Loreto from the basilica of S.Maria di Loreto

5: holiday of the Madonna del Soccorso
7: holiday of S.Gaetano on Piazza Luca Balsofiore
15: holiday of Assunta in the church of S.Francesco di Paola

12: holiday on the mountain in the church of S.Maria al Monte
13,14,15: holiday of S.Leonardo in Panza
29: holiday of S.Michele Arcangelo

4: holiday of S.Francesco in Piazza Municipio

The 2nd Sunday: holiday of the Madonna della Liberta in the church of S.Carlo

8: holiday of the Immacolata Concezione in the Basilica of S.Maria di Loreto
13: holiday of S.Lucia in her church

The Comune di Forio (Forio Municipality) Website:

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