Forli', Melozzo da (1438-1494)

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Melozzo degli Ambrosi, named Melozzo da Forli', Italian painter, was born and died in Forli' in 1438-1494. There is no news about his education and first artistic activity, but it is supposed that he was a student and a follower of Piero della Francesca, who's works he studied thoroughly staying in Urbino in 1465-1475.

In 1477 he depicted in Vatican Library a fresco Sixtus IV nominating Bartolomeo Platina prefect of the Library (pictured) (now in Pinacoteca Vaticana). In 1480 a large apse fresco was executed in Chiesa dei Santi Apostoli in Rome: Ascension of Christ (now in Palazzo del Quirinale) and Angels musicians (now in Pinacoteca Vaticana). In 1484 in collaboration with M.Palmezzano, Melozzo realized frescoes in the dome of Cappella del Tesoro in Basilica di Loreto. It was followed by frescoes in Cappella di S.Elena in Chiesa di S.Croce in Gerusalemme (Rome, 1489); decoration of Palazzo Comunale in Ancona (1493); frescoes in Cappella Feo in Chiesa di S.Biagio (Forli') (destroyed in 1944).
melozzo biblioteca
Apart from frescoes, Melozzo da Forli had also left after himself a number of paintings: Annunciation (Florence, Uffizi). He was one of the main characters in the humanist environment at the pontifical court, and his art had a great importance in the development of painting of the second half of the 15th century in central Italy.

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