Former Teatro di Pompeo (Pompey Theatre) is Now Teatro Dei Satiri (Satiric Theatre)

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Teatro Dei Satiri (Satiric Theatre), rome

The semicircular street Via di Grottapinta corresponds the to the auditorium of the first and the greatest stone theatre in ancient Rome, Teatro di Pompeo or Theatre of Pompey, built in 61 and 55 b.C.. The diameter of the auditorium reached 150m, the scene was 90m wide, and on the top was erected a Temple of Venice. Behind the scene of the theatre a rectangular portico 180m x 150m was located; it was adorned with the Greek statues and had gardens and fountains in its center. At the end of it, in the zone of modern Largo Argentina existed famous Curia di Pompeo, the site where Julius Caesar was murdered on March 15, 44 b.C. at the foot of a statue of Pompey.

The curve of the Theatre of Pompey, completed in 55 BC, is followed by Via di Grotta Pinta. This was Rome's first permanent theatre built of stone and concrete. In places, for example the basement of the Pancrazio restaurant, you can see early examples of "opus reticulatum" - small square blocks of tufa (porous rock) set diagonally as a facing for a concrete wall. Until the 6th century, it was one of Rome’s most prestigious buildings. As a result of Christian influence, the theatre was abandoned and fell into disrepair. Portions of its structure were used in construction of buildings around the city. Pompey’s great theatre was in ruins by the 8th century.

At present the theatre is occupied by a modern Teatro dei Satiri. Nowadays the curvilinear movement of the big cavea can be recognized in the development of Via di Grottapinta. The latter starts in Piazza dei Satiri and ends at Largo del Pallaro, where the Teatro di Pompeo Hotel is located. The small square comes from the "pallaro", a man that directed a sort of lottery, a forerunner of the present game of Lotto. In the 6th century Cassiodoro, Roman chancellor of the goth king Teodorico, recalled full of admiration the Theatre of Pompey as rich in marbles, sculptures and frescos with "caves whose vaulted roofs have hanging stones linked together in beautiful shapes..." The theater was also enriched by a monumental colonnade with granite columns that reaches Largo Argentina.

Teatro dei Satiri is sometimes defined as the oldest theatre, or the first ever built, in Rome (despite the fact that it only has about 60 years of actual history.) When it was built in the post-war era of 1949, the building site was carefully chosen: it is the site of the former Teatro di Pompeo, which was the first Roman theatre and dated back to 55 AD. During these ancient times the most popular performances were dramas, mythological scenes, reenactments of battles and of course – the satire. Therefore, the site was definitely not chosen by accident. Standing tall on the foundations of the Teatro di Pompeo, the Teatro dei Satiri has still retained its charm after its long innings of being in action.

Today, the Teatro Dei Satiri (Satiric Theatre) is not very big and only possesses two halls (Sala Gianni Agus & Sala Grande) of various capacity: a big one and a smaller, which is perfect for shows closer to the audience. Teatro dei Satiri is an historical theatre of satire and intelligent humour in Rome. Founded in 1949, Teatro dei Satiri have seen in fifty years of activity the alternation of the most various forms of entertainment. It has also been a showcase of many singers in their debut. Today, the programme also features cabaret shows, dance performances and a modern expression of satire and humor – one that has lasted longer than time and reaches further than the greatest empires.

The different rooms: The theater has two halls: the big hall and dining Gianni Agus. Number of seats: 260.
Opening performances:
GREAT ROOM - PRIME TIME: 20:45 - 17:30 hours Sunday
GREAT HALL - NIGHT TWO: 22:30 pm - Sunday at 19:30
GIANNI AGUS ROOM: 21:00 - 18:00 hours Sunday.

Former Teatro di Pompeo (Pompey Theatre) is Now Teatro Dei Satiri (Satiric Theatre)
Via di Grotta Pinta, 18-19
00186, Rome, Lazio, Italy
Zone: Rione Parione (Navona-Campo de' Fiori) (Roma centro)
Former Teatro di Pompeo (Pompey Theatre) is Now Teatro Dei Satiri (Satiric Theatre) is Shown By "Map H Zone" As "25"
Hours: Open 12:00 a.m.-7:30 p.m. Closed Monday Sunday 12:30 a.m. -7:30 p.m.
Telephone: 0039 06 6871639 - 06 6871578
Ticket: 16 - 20EUR
Buy Ticket Online:
Teatro Dei Satiri (Satiric Theatre) Website:
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