Former Tobacco Factory (Vecchia Fabbrica del Tabacco)

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In the building now occupied by the barracks of the Legione Lazio dei Carabinieri, was constructed in 1744-1758 by L.Vanvitelli as a seat of the first tobacco factory in Rome. When the pope's monopoly on tobacco was suspended, Pius VI established here in 1785 the "Conservatorio Pio" for the poor girls and connected it with the other Conservatorio dell"Assunta", founded by Benedict XIV 30 years earlier. In the new big conservatorio was founded in 1792 the wool manufacture, so that the institution could use it as a financial and educational resource for the inmates.

Former Tobacco Factory (Vecchia Fabbrica del Tabacco), Via Garibaldi, Rome
In 1863 Pope Pius IX moved to this site the tobacco factory which had been located near S. Maria dei Sette Dolori. The fountain at the centre of the square was designed by Andrea Busiri Vici in the same period.

Later this Former Tobacco Factory (Vecchia Fabbrica del Tabacco) had different owners, the last was the Scottish one, who in 1878 sold everything to the Italian state, which in its turn placed here the Surgery Clinics of the university. It was here from 1881 till 1905, when was transferred in the new Policlinico Umberto I. After it all the constructions of this part of Trastevere were given to the military organizations.

Former Tobacco Factory (Vecchia Fabbrica del Tabacco)
Via Garibaldi
00153, Rome, Lazio, Italy
Zone: Rione Trastevere (Gianicolo) (Roma centro)
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