Francia (c1450-1517) (Francesco Raibolini)

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Francesco Raibolini, named Francia, Italian painter and goldsmith, was born and died in Bologna in c1450 - 1517. There is nearly no news about his activity as a goldsmith, and it is uncertain his artistic formation. His first work was Crucifixion (Mus.Civico, Bologna), probably influenced by study of Ferrara's masters like Ercole de'Roberti and Lorenzo Costa. In the end of the 15th century were created the following works: Pala Felicini (1494, Bologna, Pin.Naz.); decoration of the Cappella Bentivoglio (Chiesa di S.Giacomo Maggiore, Bologna, 1499); Annunciation and Saints (1500, Bologna, Pin.Naz.). They were followed by Nativity (Liverpool, Corporation Gall.), St Stephen (Rome, Gall.Borghese), The Holy family (Berlin), Portrait of a nobleman (pictured) (London, Nat.Gall.), frescoes with the Storie di S.Cecilia (Bologna, Chiesa di S.Cecilia).
francia portrait
Francia had his own school, where his sons studied: Giacomo (1487-1540) and Giulio (...-1557), who followed the modes of father and maintained high quality level.

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