Galilei, Alessandro (1691-1736)

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Alessandro Galilei, Italian architect and theorist, was born in Florence in 1691 and died in Rome in 1736. Absorbing all the experience of the Italian art, in 1714 he went to England, where remained till 1719, executing numerous projects, most of them not realized and collaborating on the works of technical and civic character with the engineer N.Dubois (inhabited houses in a Georgian style in London). After his return to Florence, he became the first architect of the great duke of Tuscany (memories about it are in the gallery of Palazzo Cerretani). In 1730 Galilei was called by pope Clement XII in Rome, where executed his most important works, affirmed in classic, anti-baroque style: Cappella Corsini in St John Lateran (1732); facade of St John Lateran (1733-1736); facade of San Giovanni dei Fiorentini (1734).

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